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Pre/Post advice...

Have a good scrub (exfoliation) with mitts or exfoliating cream, and then moisturise 24 hours before treatment – but NOT on the morning of the tan.  This will ensure you have a great base to work on and the tan will last longer.  Many people THINK they have removed deodorant but very often there is some residue that may react with the solution – so give the underarms an extra clean before your tanning session.


Leave at least 48 hours for any waxing treatment and 24 hours if you are shaving before your treatment. Waxing can leave tell tale dots if the pores are not adequately closed.


DO NOT use ANY products on the day of your appointment ie, body cream, deodorant, firming lotion or gels, perfume, make up etc as this will affect the absorption levels of the tan.


The tan will need to develop over 8-10 hours, in this time your skin will appear darker because of the guide colour that is used to apply the tan. Please be aware of this on the day, therefore you should wear dark loose fitting clothes to your appointment as the guide colour can rub off onto clothing.


If you have a special occasion it’s best to have the spray tan a day or two before – once the guide colour has had time to wash off.


You can leave the guide colour on over night – you will probably want to wash your sheets the following day though!


DO NOT shave 24 hours after treatment.


Hot baths will tend to fade your tan faster so AVOID swimming  – pools or the sea as they may strip the tan.


AVOID exfoliation – face and body unless you wish to remove the tan.


DO moisturise your skin daily to extend your tan.


DO use suntan lotion if you are exposing your skin to the sum following your treatment as your tan will not offer no protection from UV rays.